In the shed . . .

January was a busy month with many concerts and traveling.  February is a quiet month.  No concerts, no traveling.  Just some much needed time to go deep in the shed and do a lot of what Indian musicians call “riaz”, or dedicated practicing.  Actually, it’s more than that, it’s sadhana, or a complete giving up of the self to the Muse of Music.  Each day is full of singing, drumming, teaching, and composing.  I have some specific musical problems to solve, and some long-range projects that need my attention.  I am falling into the bliss of Naad, or the pure yoga of sound.


Shawn Mativetsky coming to town . . .

I’m very lucky that my close friend and guru-bhai Shawn Mativetsky is coming down to NJ tomorrow for a concert with me at William Paterson University.  Shawn is an extraordinary tabla drummer.  This is a real treat.  I will sing ragas Bhimpalasi and Bhopali; he will accompany me on his jori drums.  Then I will accompany him on harmonium while he plays a tabla solo.